Outcome of Afore Mentioned Tyler Trip

Salaam All,

I had a great time in Tyler the ladies there are marvelous, and Barney as well. It was a pleasure to put faces to names on emails. Hassan stayed with me most of the day and actually had a good time too.

He did venture out for a bit and came back.

Well here are the snaps I promised.

Mitchie’s French Angora Bunny. Surprisingly HUGE! And ever so soft. I learned a bit about them, and how they are “harvested” Very interesting animal.

Barney and His Tri-Loom
And yes this IS going to be my next big purchase. His looms are the cheapest I have seen that are well made to boot! $185 for a 7′-5′ loom.

Barney’s Other Goodies, I bought a Mug Rug Loom with a Llama cut out for $15

Dori’s wonderful Mohair and Mohair Items for Sale

Dori is a very nice lady who runs Bella Bodom Ranch with her husband. Her Mohair is MARVELOUS! Spins beautifullly!

There were other ladies there as well!

Many Thanks to Midge PearlyQueen for hosting the event!

Here is Me relaxing and visiting with the ladies Hassan took the pic from an upstairs window

More of the ladies enjoying themselves spinning and chatting.

After the Fiber Art Sale we went and drove around down town Tyler it is a quaint little town. Made our way to the Mosque. It was a very nice trip I had a really good time with my husband.

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