Tyler Trip With Hubby Tomorrow

Ok, I am heading off on an adventure with my husband tomorrow. I have done this kind of road trip with him before, we go where I want to go but he has something “there” that he needs to do as well, so he drops me spends a few minutes being polite and pretending to be interested and then goes off and leaves me on my own, which I rather fancy. But then we meet up again eventually.

I am looking forward to it. I have never been to Tyler that I can recall. I would love to go for the Azalea or Rose festivals that they have, but tomorrows Fiber Arts Sale will be just fine, a nice intro to Tyler.

I have also heard that the fall foliage is great this time of year in that neck of the woods so we will see. I have the camera batteries charging as I sit here typing away, looking forward to getting some good snaps. (apparently a British term)

Will post my findings and snaps when I return or some time next week.

One thought on “Tyler Trip With Hubby Tomorrow

  1. Melissa Yassini says:

    My Grandparents are originally from Tyler and I have been there countless times. It is a very quaint place to visit. The Rose festival is something you MUST see one day. I have never been to the Fiber Arts Sale, looking forward to seeing your good snaps, lol

    Have fun!

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