Wedding Planning

Ok I now totally understand the saying “The Devil is in the details” This stuff is hard work. Thank goodness for really good friends who can help out.

My one quandary about the whole process is WHY when you send a self addressed stamped envelope, that people can’t take the RSVP card, write their name on it number of people attending and put it in the said SASE and put it in the mail. Or when you send everyone one card and envelope they get together and put 10 in one envelope and mail it back? Can we say CHEAP? I understand when people are waiting to see if kids are going to be done with finals, if they can find a babysitter, and they are mailing it in a little late, I even understand the people who forgot, but those who just refuse to mail it and say “I told you I was coming” Come on are you really that lazy?

On the upside, I know my daughter is going to look beautiful! The decorations are coming along! The favors are set! I am all set!!!! Yippee!!!!!

Need to do a follow up on the cake and guest book.

One thought on “Wedding Planning

  1. Melissa Yassini says:

    Just breathe…it will all work out in the end. When all is said and done and your little girl becomes a wife – I promise none of this will matter. I cant wait to see her in her dress 🙂

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