Spinning Class

Hello all.

Back earlier in the spring. I decided I should probably try to make some money this summer. So I posted on a few lists that I would be teaching some knitting and spinning classes. I didn’t get much interest in the knitting but I did get some interest in the spinning. Two ladies decided they would like to give it a whirl (pun intended).

Last Saturday was our first class. It was fun. Only one student showed up, the other was confused as to where we were going to meet. But it all worked out this weekend and both students showed up. One with her homework all done. I was very proud. The second student we got her all started and she was doing well.

I do however find it a bit ironic that ‘I’ am teaching people how to spin. I am the youngest one in the group and ‘I’ am the teacher.

It makes me feel good to share and old craft with people both young and older.

2 thoughts on “Spinning Class

  1. Sophia Rowan says:

    Ooh, spinning! I just taught myself house to use a drop spindle on Friday. It’s so much fun! I’m going to try dying tomorrow.

  2. guzzisue says:

    I have two spindles somewhere, must hunt them down and have another go soon

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