A Project to Get Behind

Well as some of you may know we have a sister group over on Ravelry where we discuss peace, religion, and other general knitting stuffs.

Well we have a wonderful member SopiaRowan who proposed a Peace Project and has started it 198 Countries Peace Project She need volunteers to make this happen. I have taken Morocco, duh big surprise there, right?

I am 100% behind her on this. Let’s make it happen readers. You don’t have to knit or crochet she is taking all media.(Is that the right word?)

Let’s make Peace on Earth. Let it begin with YOU!!!

2 thoughts on “A Project to Get Behind

  1. sharon says:

    What a fantastic idea!

  2. tikkunknitter says:

    It’s encouraging to know that there are other knittivist peace projects out there. The TikkunTree (www.thetikkuntree.wordpress.com) is in good company!

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