Neckwarmers, Cowls, Ruffs, Gaiters!!!!! Can we say OBSESSION!!!

I have a new obsession! Yes the title says it all, I google them, ravel them, look for them in my books. It IS an obsession. They are quick, which is good, small (read portable in the corner of my book bag [school starts monday] ) and just fun, who knew there were so many styles. My queue, and faves on Ravelry has grown and grown over this past week.

I knit the Scarflette, I am working on the Ruff from One Skein Wonders, I have a plan for some yarn from Liz that is going to be be a neckwarmer from the One Skein Wonder Designers book.

Plus tons more that I have saved in one form or another on Raverly. My next two will be the two cashmere cowls from Purl Bee. #1

Ok that is all about new obsession!

The reason for my obsession. Well I hate scarves. I knit them, but I never wear them. I mean how practical is a scarf with a scarf? So when I wear the triangular scarves and it is cold and windy outside, I can put on a neckwarmer and then put my scarf on and my neck stays warm, my head stays covered ( that is the problem with scarves, they cause my scarf to slip).

3 Cheers for Neckwarmers the Muslim Girls Friend!!!!!!!

Oh and one more pattern!!!! From Knitty (OK I LIE 3 MORE) the Ice Queen , Sugar on Snow and Aibhlinn

Ok that is it for the Obsession!!!!!

One thought on “Neckwarmers, Cowls, Ruffs, Gaiters!!!!! Can we say OBSESSION!!!

  1. sharon says:

    Agreed! I was eyeing up Aibhlinn for awhile now too. I may do Tudor from the latest knitty. I have some lovely green suri merino in my stash that would be lovely with my chocolate brown coat.

    I say YEAH for healthy obsessions! 🙂

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