One thought on “A Peace Project

  1. tikkunknitter says:

    While I’d be delighted to participate in a project that comes out of this special community, I’d like to suggest that you all consider participating in an existing knitting project for peace, the TikkunTree Project, a planned art installation consisting of a tree made up of leaves, peace doves, and candles produced through knitting, crochet, and other fiber arts. The goal of the project is to encourage community thought about peace in the mid-East generally, and between Palestinians and Israelis in particular. It is an ecumenical project, intended to be as incusive as possible, so participation by absolutely anyone is invited, no matter your faith tradition (or not). The name of the project derives form the Hebrew word tikkun (“healing” or “repair”), which is usually used in the phrase tikkun olam, a Jewish imperative to repair or heal the broken things of the world. The modern understanding of the principles applies it to various issues of social, economic and environmental justice – human rights and well-being.

    More information about the TikkunTree Project can be found on its website, which has general guidelines for participation (yarn, patterns, and more). Additional questions can be directed to me at: tikkuntree (at) yahoo (dot) com.

    You can find other original Patterns for Peacebuilders here.

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