Islam and Muslim what do they mean to you?

Well Dear,

I think I have done gone and PO’ed everyone in my Online World Religions class today. Not that I really care but DANG. I can only take so much of people using the term Muslim and Islam to describe horrible things.

My professor get this said that, the Terrorist themselves use that label. Personally in all the news story I have seen, it hasn’t been the case. Your average lead-In is Muslim terrorists bomb……. Islamic Extremists do……… Then when you get to the story of the video, letter, whatever. It is alway Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qeada. At least that is what I hear them saying. I don’t know I guess in the Arabic to English dictionary that some people have these words translate to Muslim and Islamic.

My quote on the discussion boards was ” if you are going to label one whole portion of society by it’s belief system then you should do the same for the rest of the world.” The IRA and Basque parties need to be called Catholic Terrorists, etc……

I also cut them off at the pass by telling them not to give me any crap about them killing in the name of God, because there have been many non-Muslims who have killed in the name of God. Mothers, Serial Killers etc.

I mean seriously here folks if a serial killer were to be found tomorrow and he happened to have been raised Muslim the media would attach that to Serial Killer. Muslim Serial Killer Mo Ahmed was arrested today in Podunk, USA.
You know it would happen that way.

Ok enough ranting about my religion class.

3 thoughts on “Islam and Muslim what do they mean to you?

  1. Annie says:

    I understand you. I feel the same way when the media talks about catholic priests molesting little kids or the inquisition. Because of course, no one else has EVER molested little kids or forced people to convert. Then people talk about it and you get the feeling like “well, you’re part of that religion, so you must agree with what they’re doing.”

    Islam is definitely not the only religion to experience bias in the media or to be misinterpreted by others. It’s just the unfortunate flavor of the week for the media.

  2. Susan says:

    You are right of course. People tend to “forget” history,
    and sometimes it’s just because they actually do not know.
    I am danish, grew up there and went to school there but live in the States now.
    And we learned about “religion” as in the history of christianity,
    what I am saying is, we learned about the crusades:(killing in the name of God)
    and a lot of people today, do NOT know that history.
    So, in a way, I would say: maybe try to not take it personal when paople say such things rather know that it is based on ignorance.
    Then when the opportunity comes along, let them know about their own history..and give them food for thought.
    Don’t know if this helps any?
    Peace, Susan

  3. Amber says:

    Thanks for this. I found your blog when searching for Islamic knitting charts. Could you perhaps point a fellow knitter and devotee to the Beloved to a site or resource for finding pattern charts for common Muslim blessings and of course Allah. It is my wish to make gifts for some Sufi friends.
    Blessings to you,

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