Well, well.

Dear Hanane,

Well, this is a long overdue post! Sorry for not posting sooner. The carpal tunnel does me in sometimes! Too much time typing and not enough time creating and knitting. Sigh. The knitting, it has been sadly neglected. My own knitting blog has not been updated in almost a month! I wonder if people think I have abandoned knitting for other creative pursuits?? Actually I have been cooking and baking up a storm these days, but we can talk about that later. If I can just figure out how to budget the computer time, and remember to do my carpal tunnel stretches…….

I had a completely different topic for today, but I read your post Hanane. Very well put. And I could not agree more. If everyone took a look at a group of people that they dislike (hate is such a strong word) and think WHY do they dislike them?? Because someone told you to?? Because the media portrays it as such??? Because you were hurt by one person of a specific race, religion or sexual orientation and therefore ALL people are like that??? If we all search for something in common, we would find out we are not all that different. Sounds like looking at the world through rose colored glasses doesn’t it?? Well, let’s put them on for ONE DAY, and reach out, find the common ground and share. I wished we lived closer, because this would make for one hell of a knitting group, don’t you think??

For the record, I just cannot join Ravelry. Nothing against the fine folks over there, and I do know I am missing all the fun, but I can’t. I can barely keep up with all my blogs (and if you read this you know I post one for every four of Hanane’s!! I’m bad, I know) so you’ll just have to be my eyes and ears over there!!!

And for all of you who visit this blog, thank you!! It’s all about peace here, and I’m a peace junkie too, Hanane! I’m working on some cool buttons so Y’ALL can post ’em on your blog and get others to spread the peace! We knitters are a magical group! Maybe one of us should run for president!!! 🙂

Love ya like a sister,


One thought on “Well, well.

  1. Raven says:

    Ravelry takes so much time, you are wise not to begin. It takes great discipline to not spend all my time ohhh-ing and awweee-ing over all the amazing things people have on there.

    I am of the opinion that individuals tend to dislike groups of people because they don’t know anything about them. Maybe it is just too easy to belive the media or what someone told you about culture or religion rather than looking and seeing for yourself what are these people really like.

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