Happy Fall???

Hi Hanane,

Well, I am happy to hear things are going well and your juggling act with school, work, kids, holidays is working out. I don’t know how you do it girl!!!

My holiday is over, and you know what, I missed it!! I spent it sick in bed with a terrible cold. I did fast but I ended up drinking water all day. Which is ok, if it means your health. So I prayed from home! I am feeling better although I did get a prescription from the doc because it was a sinus infection! Great!! (rolls eyes)

It’s hot here and I am supposed to be in the studio making new Fall and Winter jewelry, but how can I think about cold weather when it is 90 degrees out?? Hopefully we will have some nice Fall weather here soon, I’m sick of summer and ready to put on some nice warm sweaters!

And as far as knitting, seems we are both in the same rut. Small projects that can be finished quickly! I am working on a couple of cozies for your stash bustin’ blog, and test knitting a online buddy’s fingerless mitt pattern. Simple and quick. How did Hassan’s sweater vest come out? Got a picture to share with us??

Well, that’s about all that is new from here. I’m heading into the studio today to get some work done!


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