Peaceful? Relaxing? RamadanYES

Well I can’t say much about peaceful or relaxing but it IS Ramadan and those are the breaks babe. With the month moving around the calendar it can come at easier times or harder times and I think in general this is a harder time.

Let me tell you about Yesterday

I took benedryl after I ate the early morning meal, called Suhoor (sue whore….I know I know don’t blame me) I then proceeded to sleep the remainder of the day off and on and “surprisingly” 🙂 about 11pm last night I was wide awake and RRAREN (said with my best Steve Martin imitation) to go. However the rest of the family was like TURN OFF THE LIGHTS WOMAN!!!! So I did succumb to more hours of sleep and woke refreshed and happy about today.

Fast Forward to today!!

So far so good goes the fast, I haven’t had too many breakdowns along the way. I am sitting in the college computer lab right now, at 6:05pm, my class starts @ 7pm and my DD Sahara is off in the testing center taking an algebra test. So it is 1 1/2 hours until I can let anything pass my lips and I am parched!!!!! I am ready to drink a gallon of water. But I will survive.
I have my Iftar (phonetic this time) in a bag. That’s what I call it “IFTAR IN A BAG” with me and I will discreetly open my protein shake and “sip” (ok gussel) it in my math for dummies class at exactly 7:31pm. Then I will wait semi-patiently for Sahara to finish her Algebra class so we can go home and eat something REAL. Tonight to be exact it is lazy butt chicken alfredo. Remind me to share the recipe someday.

As far as classes are going, not going to bad at all I have been invited to join the honor society Phi Theta Kappa, I am considering it. If anyone reading this knows anything about it let me know, worth the $50 membership or NOT?

That’s it for my ramble.


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