Hi Hanane!

I hope you are having a peaceful Ramadan. So how is the fasting going now that everyone in your house can fast? Isn’t it nice not to have to make food while you are fasting? Talk about torture! Saturday is my fasting day as it is Yom Kippur. It’s not that bad, until someone at temple starts talking about the roast they have in the oven on a timer. Bah!!

Not much of anything is happening here. I bought myself a pattern over the weekend! I couldn’t resist! Check this out!


Ironically for both of our religions, pork is a big no-no, but isn’t it the cutest! I still think pigs are cute! I even bought the yarn. Yes, MORE yarn, but hopefully I will actually sit down and make the pig! And yes, she will be pink!!!! I need to find some cute little fabric now. Maybe something with pigs on it???

And are you up for another reading challenge?? I found one that YOU pick FOUR books with a THEME of YOUR choosing. Sounds do-able to me! I thought my theme will be art. Since I bought “Luncheon of the Boating Party” by Susan Vreeland and I have NOT read it yet. Interested???

That’s about all for now, I have to dash to put supper in the oven! Talk to you soon my friend!


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  1. mshanane says:

    Katie, I am so ready to knit that pig bag. I have the pattern. At this point I don’t think I could have it ready by Eid but I might! I am so going to knit it and carry it to the mosque.

    I CAN”T WAIT Bwahhahahahah

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