Happy New Year!

Hi Again Hanane!

Congratulations on your work being publish!! I love your sewing projects! You are so talented. You just might inspire me to get a sewing machine! I don’t think I have used a sewing machine since 8th grade (no cracks on how that was so long ago…yah, dinosaurs roamed the earth then!!) I was not an ace with the machine. I remember making a pillow and that was slightly lopsided. Imagine my seamstress and quilter extraordinare of a mother’s disappointment on that one!!

Well L’Shana Tovah to our Jewish Readers. Another Rosh Hasanah is upon us!! I really love this time of year. The new year brings such joy and the promise of a fresh start! And I’m really taking this fresh start thing seriously too!! My new website is almost done, I have a new studio space which I love and I am really organizing all my stuff. I bought only the things I LOVED from the new house, and gave away or left behind the things I didn’t. Here’s to a Happy New Year to everyone, Muslim, Jew, Christan, Buddhist…… it doesn’t matter, celebrate!

Oh yah, I deleted my post about the neighbors. It was really not blog appropriate, since it is neither about religion or knitting. Speaking of that, are you knitting anything good?? How is the “Mystery” shawl coming along?? I actually made myself a pair of “Fetching” gloves for me. Amazingly enough, I make them and they seem to “disappear”. All my friends have them now but me!! So, this pair I am keeping. I’ll get a picture soon.

I have to run, I have a pack of hungry dogs here. I better feed them before they start eating the furniture!!!




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