Ok, I’m back! And this time for good!

Dear Hanane,

I am writing this from my new studio in my NEW house. Honestly, I never thought this week would arrive! It was one long summer, I can tell you that! But in this market, I am happy to unload, oops I mean sell my house. The new people are very nice and I met them yesterday at the closing. They were having a tough time with their old house and I really didn’t envy them. My old neighbors really left me with a great impression of them to carry to my new place. they refused to even look at me, like I committed some crime for moving. The look, for lack of a better description, was that of smelling a dirty litter box! I am thankful to never see them again. I will post again with some of their antics because they are not to be believed. No seriously.

So, I have been knitting. I made Gillie this dog sweater, and some assorted little dishcloths for my NEW kitchen.


I started a very pretty scarf with La Luz silk yarn (in the Moroccan colorway) but seem to have a bit of difficulty concentrating on the easy for row repeat! I wonder why???

Can you believe this is Labor Day weekend?? Wow. I have a VERY busy September coming up! Well, it is High Holidays coming up (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur). (Hey Hanane, are your outfits ready for Eid??? – grin)Then I am going to see the King Tut exhibit in Philly, and then I have a restful trip to Nantucket for a couple of days. Phew.

And we actually have “subscribers” to our blog??? Welcome!!! I promise I will be a more faithful blogger!!! šŸ™‚

Miss ya like crazy Hanane,


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