6 Bloglines Subscribers & A Tale of a Daring Knitter

Ok,,,,I am one of them LOL, so 5 unknown persons, have subscribed to our little blog with bloglines. http://www.bloglines.com Bloglines is a group you can register for for free and you can subscribe to the feeds of your favorite blogs and instead of going to each blog individually it you can see at a glance or a scroll in my case who has posted something new on their blog. I personally love it has freed up some space in my favorites.

I need to unsub from a few feeds…lazy bloggers….oh opps well that would be me too…maybe I should give them a second chance. 😉

On the knitting front, who has seen the new Folk Style book? I had a chance to look through it @ BN on Saturday and I must say that I am not in love with it. There are a few patterns in there I like, but not enough to spend that amount of money on the book. I’ll wait, the library or SOME library will get it and I can do a loan and copy the ones I want.

Is it just me or do other people have difficulty with the circular beginning!? So few stitches tiny yarn and needles that at that point seem 12 feet long. I am seriously considering using toothpicks for this,,,LOL.

Why you ask am I asking about a circular beginning, well I have decided that after more than a year of mourning I am ready to cast on another Pi Shawl. Yes I am going to brave the world of EZ again and attempt “THE SHAWL THAT KICKED MY BUTT” again.

Synopsis of A Pi Gone Awry

a beautiful daring knitter (who bears no resemblance to anyone in real life)
beautiful yarn(not even lace weight)
crappy needles.

Beautiful yarn(fished from a kiddy pool) meets crappy needles

Crappy needles and beautiful yarn get along wonderfully, UNTIL crappy needle cable breaks and way to many stitches in 2-3 different places ladder down.

The once beautiful results of their brief encounter ends at THE FROG POND.

Beautiful Daring knitter is thrown into deep mourning and sighs heavly at any mention of a Pi Shawl.

Sad isn’t it

Hopefully the Sequel will have a happier ending.

Hanane (aka the beautiful (ha) daring knitter)

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