Still crafting away.

Ok…Ok…I know the title says, ” Knitting Our Way to Peace” and I swear, one day I will get back to knitting, but I am just having too much fun making things with felt and fabric. Hey felt is wool right? So I haven’t strayed too far. LOL…ok ok I am just justifying my abstinence now.

But seriously folks, I am having a blast. Two very good friends and I are planning a community craft fair. I think it will be a hoot. We are going to to do it with a Moroccan theme, jut in case you are wondering and I haven’t really mentioned it I don’t think. I could be wrong. My husband is from Morocco and we are going to do it in our Musallah (translated Place for praying) and sell tables to crafters, along with serving/selling Moroccan food, tea and desserts. YUM-O

I am excited. We are actually getting together tomorrow to discuss details. LOL

I can’t wait!

I may actually KNIT some things for it too. Seriously I have to get back to knitting, I found the cutest pattern for snails that I just have to knit. I need to make a monkey and the monkey bag from the SnB book.

OH and Congrats to Katie….the Cacti in the SnB 2008 calendar. I will have to buy that one this year and figure out how to get it autographed. You famous person you.

Ok I am really pissed! My friend was sold a bracelet and the person who made it told her that the crystals were Swarovski and they so aren’t! Anyone EVEN ME who has ever seen the real thing knows a fake when it is presented. They were flat, not fire, no shimmer. SAD!

Ok well enough about me.

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