I am just amazed

Dear Katie,

The word is spreading fast about our little blog. People seem to like our little idea here.

On the knitting front. The first clue for the MS3 was posted yesterday. It was to be my second knitting project of the summer. I hope to cast on today.

On the kid front…..busy busy busy!!!!!!!

I am getting a little sick of RAIN!!!!!! It sucks…it has rained almost everyday since Spring came in and we are well into summer. We had a little sunshine yesterday and it rained last night again, the sun was shining this morn…but alas it is clouding up again. I don’t think it is EVER going to stop…I may have to build and ARK and start gathering animals 2×2 soon.

Speaking of which I am dying to see “Evan Almighty” It looks just too good.

Sahara and I stayed up late last night and watched “Apocalypto” can we say GOREY….yikes…they were truely barabaric. And what is it with Mel Gibson and Subtitles….gee do the movies in English, Already. This way you HAVE to watch all the bloody stuff. It isn’t pretty.

School..I take my math final on Monday, and then I have to concentrate on Astronomy. The first 2 tests are due before I can go on, and they are essay style. YUCK!!!

Then in the fall I am taking 21hrs. 6 of those hours are online. Astronomy finishes in September, then I’ll be back down to 18 hrs.

I know I know I am crazy, but I really want to get finished and I did the rate my professor for all my classes and they are easy.

I had to get my math teacher for my next MATH for DUMMIES class because, she is the best and she may not teach in the spring so that is what pushed me over!!! But like I said her class is easy.

I just need to get these piddly little things out of the way so I can get to university and start taking the GOOD STUFF!!!!

On the Weight Watchers front, I lost 3.2 lbs my first week. My first weigh in was yesterday. YIPPEE!!! I am on my way back down.

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