Dear Hanane

Dear Hanane,

Well, I am finally moving!!!! (Deep Breath Here) My neighbors have finally driven me crazy. I know I have been “talking” about moving for some time now, but over Memorial Day, I decided to take the plunge. Never in my life, have a seen such a conglomeration of jerks in one small area! Interestingly enough,  I called the Realtor on Tuesday and I bid and accepted a house on THAT day!! That’s “divine timing” for ya! It’s in the same town but a completely different area. I know, that sounds weird. These New England towns are quirky at best. Maybe I should write a book about it! I LOVE the new house because I am TOTALLY surrounded by woods. Yes, I cannot see a neighbor!!!! (BIG SMILE) There will be some wonderful places to sit outside and knit and I will have a BRAND NEW studio!!!

Now let’s discuss the “most important” factor here. Yarn storage!! Oh the closet space I will have for yarn!! I will definitely get pictures once we get settled and I unpack my stash!!!!  I finally will have a dedicated yarn closet!!!

So posting this summer will be less frequent than i’d like. But keep emailing me.  I will need a dose of sanity in this crazy process!!!!

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