School’s Over

Dear Katie,

School is officially over, No more Lakeview Highschool. I am finished, I have to admit that even though I complained a lot about it I did love it. I loved the pace. The days went by quickly and now it is at it’s end.

Tonight, Friday night June 1st, I sit here on my bed with the laptop thinking ok,,,, I have a few days before the summer semester starts in college. I am unemployed for the summer.

But I do have some things to keep me busy. Designing some more patterns, which I have decided I love doing. I would never have believed in a million years when I started out knitting that I would be designing things to knit, instead of just knitting. But I love it!!!!

Spinning has become great fun as well. I am not sure that it would be something I would really want to do a lot of, because it seems like you need space etc to store fibers to be spun. I have yarn, but I must admit that making my own yarn is kind of appealing.

I did join the KAL for the Argosy, I am loving the pattern but I messed up on one repeat while I was visiting with our friend Liz. So I have to rip back a bit. Cross your fingers that it works out.

Until Next time

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