I’m Back

Dear Hanane,

Phew, I survived another trip. This time to DC. Since it was work related for Mark, and I had to attend some functions with him (read actually get dressed UP in shoes other than my clogs!!), so there was precious little time for anything! I never even made it to Stitches DC, which was on my list, but I never got around to actually getting my butt on the train to go! Oh well, there is always next time.

Oh, before I forget, I have plunged (somewhat foolhardily) into hosting my first KAL!!!! I fell in love immediately with the Argosy pattern from Vyvyan Neel  !! From about row 30, I began having delusions of grandeur and decided to make these for everyone I knew. (No seriously, there is a list!) I fished out all the DK weight yarn from the ever growing stash (see I really didn’t need to visit the yarn shop now, did I???) But what?? NO KAL, well I fixed that!!! Here’s the link if you feel like joining (nudge, nudge). Scarves make great summer projects!!!! 🙂

Ok, enough procrastinating. The laundry, a stack of emails and regular mail await my attention, so I must sign off. What is new in your world???

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