Dear Katie,

I have moved all the patterns over, I am sure you noticed, added a Books we want to read page. I didn’t take the patterns down completely just cut them and added the link to the downloadables on our new and improved site.

Well enough blog news. Did I tell you that I have become the resident religion expert @ LCHS? Every time the kids have a question about religion in World History or Geography they send them to me. Go ask “Ms Tina” she knows. The latest question was, “Excuse me Miss, what is the Kaddish?” A. Buddist morning prayer B.Muslim funeral prayer C. Jewish prayer for the dead D. A Catholic Right

DUH….C. I love being smart….lol. One of the helping teachers was working on an Islam worksheet and was having trouble and then looked up saw me and sent the kid to me. Resident expert. I totally get a kick out of it, but why in the world they are sending them to me with the Jewish worksheets is beyond me, but at least I know most of the answers.

Finals are offically over tonight @ 10pm. I will be finished until the Summer courses start.

I am so excited, for a little bit of a break. Perhaps next week I can go meet my knitting friends on Wednesday evening.

I am going to the fiber rendevous in Oklahoma this weekend, I think it will be fun. I will post pics.


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